Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dance Lessons - Part Of Woman's Makeover

From todaystj4.com (Milwaukee, WI):

"Milwaukee Makeover"

By Courtny Gerrish

Imagine getting a chance to transform yourself... from the inside out.
One lucky woman won a complete makeover. We first met her the day she learned she'd won the makeover. Michelle Weber, who is from Waukesha, had already begun changing herself. She recently lost more than 100 pounds.

She wasn't even sure she wanted to try for the makeover, she said. "It was hard, I contemplated, do I really want to put myself out there, do I really want to show people, hey, I weighed over 200 pounds before," she told us.
But she jumped right in and started the grueling regimen. Her package included a membership to the Wisconsin Athletic Club, complete with a personal trainer. Her sessions were every day, and she'd often start working out at 4:30 in the morning.

From there, Michelle went to work. But she also had to fit in skin sessions with Enhancing Light Laser Cosmetics, dental treatments with Modern Touch Dental, a new hairdo, and dance lessons at Fred Astaire.

The makeover is the brainchild of Kelly Becker, a local businesswoman who was herself the recipient of a total makeover on Fox's "The Swan" reality show a few years ago. She told us it changed her life.

"Just to make myself feel happy inside, to have a new outlook on life, it really helped me overall," she said frankly. The makeover helped Kelly so much, she wanted to offer the same experience to a local woman. So she started recruiting local businesses who all contributed to Michelle's new look.

Four months after Michelle began her makeover process, she got to "come out" in style at a gala event at Kenosha's Strawberry Creek, a golf and social club.

A crowd of family and friends gathered to see her big reveal.

Kelly announced Michelle's name, and she came through the doorways looking like a new person. The workouts trimmed anther 18 inches from her already slimmed body, she had a beautiful new smile, new hair, and new clothes.

"She's gorgeous," her husband said.

Michelle herself said she feels like a totally new person, more confident and happy. "Every minute was worth it in the end."

And to finish her big night, the once-shy young woman performed an East Coast Swing dance for the crowd.

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