Monday, July 29, 2013

What Oz Should Have Told the Cowardly Lion

There's No Place Like Fred Astaire Dance Studios, There's No Place Like . . . 

The Confidence to Compete 

Confidence. Everyone wants it; too many of us still seek it. Millions of self-help books promise it by the bucket load. It's a particularly desirable personal quality to have when facing a major life-change, like 16-year-old Riley Scott who's about to start college far from home. But, despite her academic success, Riley never found such personal strength in books. Instead, she gained it by ballroom dancing.

Riley is a Troy, Michigan native who is about to transition to her new college life in upstate New York. Like many young people in her position, she found it all a bit scary. And, like other academic students, Riley has a long-standing love affair with the printed word. But when it comes to developing real confidence, "dump the self-help books," she'd advise. And don't bother with a wizard. Instead, go to a Fred Astaire Dance Studio and take some dance lessons!

A recent article in the Bloomfield Patch summarizes Riley's experience at Evan Mountain's Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Through ballroom dance, and the personalized guidance of her teacher, Mike Fonseca, Riley traded in her old, more-timid life for one filled with courage. (Oh - and the photos here are of the real Riley Scott. The Patch's video shows Fonseca teaching Barbara Benzos to dance because before the article was finished, Riley spread her new, confident wings and flew to greater heights!)

Great job, Mike, and all the best to our good friend Riley! Here's Boosting Confidence Through Dance at Fred Astaire.' 

Lessons Make It Possible

"I'm more comfortable being myself," says Riley.

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