Monday, February 13, 2012

Fan Mail

That's a photograph of the letter that was waiting for me when I arrived to work on Friday morning. To say I was delighted, would be putting it mildly. I had a smile plastered on my face all day long.

Abbie is a fan and asks:

Q. Why do you enjoy dancing and what inspired you to perform and video tape it?

A. Dear Abbie :)

I enjoy dancing because it makes me feel happy when I'm doing it. I love music too. All kinds of music. And sometimes when I'm listening to music, my toes tap or my feet stomp. I just want to move. I thought taking lessons would help my toes tap and my feet stomp a little bit better. You see, Abbie, I happen to be kind of klutzy. I've been known to walk into poles or trip up the stairs for no good reason (I even broke my toe once doing that trip up the stairs bit...true story). I was hoping that maybe I would gain a little grace by taking dance lessons.

I brought along the camera because well, if it didn't inspire people to try to dance themselves, they might at least get a kick out of watching my silly antics. However, the teachers at Fred Astaire really know their stuff and I learned a lot from them. Maybe my bumbling days are over!

I'm glad you have enjoyed the series. Our last episode of Champagne Social airs on Friday. Hope you tune in!

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