Thursday, February 09, 2012

And We Danced

What I noticed first when I entered the studio that evening for my group lesson was that the male students outnumbered the female students. I thought I needed to move to Alaska to get those kind of odds. Who knew all I had to do was head to my local Fred Astaire Dance Studio? The reception area became filled with jovial banter and laughter as students came in, removed their coats and changed into their dance shoes. Though I was new to the group, they welcomed me right into the fold.

The super chic and stellar dance instructor, Nicole Jeurgens, would be leading this evening’s lesson. The dance being taught was the cha-cha. These group lessons were important, Nicole explained, as a way to gain your own sense of balance. So while you want to offer resistance to a dance partner, you do not want to rely on them for balance. You must be able to stand on your own before you can merge with another.

Yeah, I know, I know. I won’t even type it out loud.

Nicole explained and demonstrated the cha-cha as well as a variation on the basic step while the entire class followed along. We spent the remainder of the time going over the newly learned moves in our own space.

After class, staff announced that the following Friday would be a social dance night. What? FADS regularly puts on social dances right at the studio so you can mix, mingle and practice your moves. What a brilliant idea! I’m in.

Hope to see you there!

Tune in for the dance party extravaganza Friday, February 10th on the next episode of Champagne Social

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Tabitha said...

I absolutely love the cha cha... Have been doing it for years now... Here's the link to a little blog post I did on how the cha cha came into being -