Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dancing with the Stars - Week 6 Commentary

Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars is finally upon us. Each week Syracuse, NY FADS co-owner and award-winning ballroom dancer Natasha Oreshkina will be sharing her thoughts on the competition and giving us her take on which celebrities had the best week on the dance floor and which ones should be getting ready to pack their bags.



[Natasha] Well, once again there's still no clear leader in the competition this week. It's so interesting this season that so many couples are having good weeks. Romeo and Chelsea scored 28s, and Ralph Macchio should be on top except for Karina's fall.

Even though we don't have a consistent leader yet, we do know who's the worst. I think Kendra is a lot like Bristol Palin was last season. Bristol wasn't a good dancer, but she had a lot of votes so she made it to the finals.

Okay, then. Let's go over tonight's scores.

T-1st Place - Romeo/Chelsie Hightower (W1:19 + W2:23 + W3:20 + W4:23 + W5:26 + W6:28 = 139) [Overall position: 3rd.]
Romeo and Chelsie Hightower did the Waltz this week. It was a good dance, very romantic - one of his best performances. He's getting better each week. It was very nice.

T-1st Place - Chelsea Kane/Mark Ballas (W1:21 + W2:18 + W3:23 + W4:26 + W5:26 W6:28 = 142 total) [Overall position: 2nd.]
Chelsea and Mark did the Quickstep. Each time I watch Chelsea I see more and more. It was a very light and breezy dance, high-energy and a lot of moving around. She did a good job.

3rd Place - Hines Ward/Kym Johnson (W1:21 + W2:23 + W3:25 + W4:25 + W5:27 + W6:27 = 148 total) [Overall position: 1st.]
Hines and Kym performed the Viennese Waltz this week. I liked their movements across the dance floor, I like his lines. He did very good - well, not bad [laughs].

4th Place - Kirstie Alley/Maksim Chmerkovskiy (W1:23 + W2:20 + W3:21 + W4:21 + W5:23 + W6:26 = 134) [Overall position: T-5th.]
Kirstie and Maks did the Samba this week. I think she dances Latin better than Standard ballroom. She showed good footwork and good rhythm. Very strong legs and feet and she moved around well.

5th Place - Kendra Wilkinson/Louis van Amstel (W1:18 + W2:19 + W3:23 + W4:18 + W5:22 + W6:25 = 125) [Overall position: 7th.]
Kendra and Louis also danced the Samba this week. You know, she's not one of my favorite dancers. This week was better than last week, and she had a lot of shaking [her stuff]. She's just not consistent, though - sometimes she does a good job, then sometimes a very bad job.

6th Place - Ralph Macchio/Karina Smirnoff (W1:24 + W2:21 + W3:21 + W4:25 + W5:22 + W6:24 = 137) [Overall position: 4th.]
Ralph and Karina performed the Paso Doble. I think the reason they came in 6th tonight was because of Karina's fall. I don't know what it is, but it seems like this season the pros are on the floor a lot. Usually with pros that doesn't happen.

7th Place - Chris Jericho/Cheryl Burke (W1:19 + W2:23 + W3:21 + W4:23 + W5:26 W6:22 = 134) [Overall position: T-5th.]
Chris and Cheryl danced the Tango this week and they were eliminated on Tuesday. Maybe this wasn't his best dance... it wasn't my cup of tea. Chris looked nervous to me. I would still say he's a better dancer than Kendra, but not this week, and he's also not consistent.


I still think Kendra should be out of the competition - I say that every week. But I don't think the worst dancers should keep getting the "Safes" over the better ones. So maybe this coming week, we'll see. Usually I can predict who's in the lead at this point, but the competition is very good this year and the top couple keeps changing. I think the three couples who might be in jeopardy next Tuesday will be Kendra (as always), Hines Ward (perhaps), and Ralph Macchio.

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