Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last weekend was the annual Fred Astaire Dance Studios World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fred Astaire Studio Locations from around the world all traveled to The Mirage Hotel and Casino to compete in several categories. 

Here is a list of our 2014 FAWC champions: 

Category: Closed Bronze/Silver Smooth
Dance Champions: Matthias Kruschel and Christine Schlegl
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Norwalk

Category: Showdance
Dance Champions: Aaron and Iryna DeSoto
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Chicago North

Category: Closed Bronze/ Silver Rhythm
Dance Champions: Dennis Sy and Mae Lozada
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: NY Midtown

Category: American Rising Star Smooth
Dance Champions: Adrian and Hannah Dydynski
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Chicago West Loop

Category: American Closed Mixed Novice
Dance Champions: Ty Gibson and Nikki Azcona
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Montville

Category: American Rising Star Rhythm
Dance Champions: Aaron and Iryna DeSoto
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Chicago North

Category: Open Cabaret
Dance Champions: Brandon barker and Chelsea Cherie
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Canal Winchester

Category: American Open Smooth
Dance Champions: Misha and Galina Zharinov
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Miami Beach

Category: Open International Latin
Dance Champions: Hayk Balasanyan and Emilia Poghasyan
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Montville

Category: American Open Rhythm
Dance Champions: Vard Margaryan and Sofya Fil
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Hartsdale

Category: Open International Ballroom
Dance Champions: Dmitry and Christina Durante
Fred Astaire Dance Studio: Madison

Congrats to all our champions and a special thank you to all the Fred Astaire Dance Studios who came to Vegas to compete! 

Here are a few more pictures from the competition: 

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

This Month's Obesession: The EasyGo Dispenser Protein Powder Dispenser

As dancers you must take your post-exercise nutrition seriously in order to provide your muscles with the raw materials and nutrients they need. Any nutritionist will tell you that post-workout eating is the most important aspect of fitness nutrition. Within 45 minutes of any workout, you need to have protein to supply your body with amino acids and help promote muscle building and recovery.

If your daily activities rarely allow time for a home cooked meal, you can still make sure you get your protein fix with the EasyGoDispenser. The EasyGo Dispenser is a protein powder dispenser that was designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. It will carry a full day’s worth of protein powder and the measuring unit dispenses precise amounts of powder and fits into any shaker cup or water bottle. The base storage unit keeps your powder fresh and the EasyGo Dispenser is small enough to fit into any bag and bring with you no matter where you go.

The EasyGo Dispenser was developed by three Army soldiers. While deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, they realized that there was no easy way to make an instant protein shake – a common source of nutrition for soldiers. So in order to make it easier to get a proper meal replacement via protein powder, they came up with the idea for the EasyGo Dispenser. 

With the EasyGo Dispenser you will recieve the perfect amount of protein to help rebuild and recharge your body after your workout or dance practice.