Thursday, May 08, 2014

Dancing with the Stars Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Monday may not be everyone's favorite weekday, but thanks to Dancing with the Stars, it's a definite contender for favorite weeknight!  Where else can you see a handful of your favorite celebrities from past and present learn ballroom and Latin dances from some of the world's best dance talent, including some of our very own Fred Astaire Dance School talent?

This week's program kicked off with a special Cinco de Mayo celebration featuring Mark Ballas, son of former FADS board member Corky Ballas and the "Queen of Latin" Shirley Ballas, showcasing not only his dancing skills but also his musical chops.  Donned in an old-school red blazer, Converse high-tops and bow tie, Mark performed his first single “Get My Name” [available for download on iTunes: ] live while the DWTS pros and troupe performed a contemporary Cha-Cha.  Mark stepped in to Cha-Cha during the instrumental section, reminding us that he's a double threat.  Singing, dancing...the perfect Monday night!

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