Wednesday, January 22, 2014

An Update and a Request Concerning FADS Beirut.

We'd like you to be aware of this situation, and we suggest writing franchisee Marwan Jammal to wish him a speedy recovery from these latest events. Please read on.

Marwan Jammal is dealing with more than his share of pressure and difficulties.

Almost exactly one year ago, on January 11, we posted this image (above, right) on our blog with an article about Marwan's studio in Beirut, Lebanon. Back then, snow pummeled his region in what experts called "the worst storm the area has ever seen." Marwan sent us photos of the devastation. Our response was that blog, called "When Life Hands Us Lemons....,' and it was a celebration of the power of positive thinking by folks who carry on despite huge obstacles and problems. 

Last week, Marwan wrote the Corporate Office, "Unfortunately, a car bomb rocked Dahieh's neighborhood of Haret Heik Thursday afternoon, causing the death of at least five people and several were injured. It was close by the studio, we are all ok but plenty of cancellations occurred."  [If you're following the news on the Middle East, you know there were 2 other car bombs in Beirut in the weeks prior to this.] His note was accompanied by this image from The Nation:

Once again, we'd like to send encouragement to Marwan and his staff, wishing them positive thinking and positive results. We also wish all people in Lebanon a speedy resolution to the difficult issues being addressed. And we are also reminded of how fortunate many of us are today to have only the weather to deal with.  We, like Marwan and his staff, pledge to continue to dance through it all, no matter what.

It would be beneficial if some of you would send Marwan a note wishing him a speedy recovery from all this. Thanks.