Friday, November 01, 2013

NDC Orlando - Day Four: A pictorial

Another busy day, another busy matinee session as competitors vied for top placings in the American Smooth Bronze Closed Single Dance Divisions, American Smooth Bronze Closed Championships and Scholarships, American Smooth Silver and Higher Closed Single Dances, and Silver Closed Multi Dances and Scholarship Divisions. 

The evening capped off with the Proficiency International Ballroom Divisions, International Ballroom Closed and Open Single Dance Divisions, International Ballroom Closed and Open Multi and Scholarship Divisions, Pro/Am Cabaret Division and the highly anticipated Professional Divisions. 

A new award named for Linda Joy who recently passed.
Galina and Misha Zharinov, winners of the Linda Joy American Smooth award.
(Front) Chris Germain and Bette Anne Duffy, Chicago North

Cathy Goshorn of Sarasota receives a massage.

Linda Gill and Ruslan Meshkov, Ft. Lauderdale

(L-R) Chris Simon, Elizabeth Ragacion, Leona Hatz, Debbie Dietrich, Pamela Baden, Ann Sanders, Daniel Blain, back row, Phillip Gutierrez of Houston Memorial.  
Tim Duffy and Ria Valenzuela, Chicago North. Tim, his wife, Bette Anne, and his son, Kevin, are all competing at NDC this year. 

Pamela Baden and Phillip Gutierrez, Houston Memorial

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