Thursday, November 07, 2013

Finding harmony in life through 'good moves'

Rae Josephs
The benefits of dance are well-documented: it's great for one's health; a fun social activity and a great confidence booster, as well as a skill that stays with someone forever.

In a recent article in Quintessential Barrington, Rae Josephs, Area Director of Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Illinois argues that dance supports long term good health through "the zen of mind and body together, along with a support team filled with encouragement," which can be found in a good dance studio.

Depending on one's perspective, life is short and the way one chooses to fill that time makes all the difference  good or bad. 

Josephs  prescribes a "40-minute solution" of two to three dance sessions a week (40-minutes each) to achieve the ultimate goal of "full improvement, body and mind" through the benefits of dance. It's a fact that this closeness of lessons can change one's lifestyle for the better part of the 'good moves' for enriching one's life.

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Raeleenstp said...

Straight up advice! I see it every day. Love you Ray!