Friday, November 08, 2013

"Dear Deborah...", A Thank You from Molly MacDonald, Pink Fund founder

'Thank You for the Courage and Joy You Demonstrated by Dancing'

Dear Deborah,

I am one of the thousands who have watched in awe your joyful dance just before undergoing your double mastectomy.

As a Survivor, I know all too well the combination of anxiety, stress, relief, fear, anger, sorrow etc., that fills us as we face surgery!

I, for one, was frankly pissed off!  Crying, complaining and generally unhappy as I lay in the pre-op room waiting for surgery. 

I wish I had thought to dance. It would have relieved all of my anxiety about the surgery!

I think about it a lot now, because the organization I founded and have the privilege to head, The Pink Fund, had our first Dancing with The Survivors event in September with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Five breast cancer survivors danced with joy with professional partners from Fred Astaire. (They had the benefit of private lessons, donated by Fred Astaire Dancer Studios in Bloomfield Hills, MI.)

I know you are just a few days out of surgery, but I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the courage and joy you demonstrated by dancing and asking others to do the same.Your spirit and the video will inspire others to find courage and joy in their own breast cancer journey. And of course, it speaks volumes about you!

When you are feeling better, and if you are so inclined, I would like to invite you to dance next year with a professional partner from Fred Astaire Dance Studios for our Dancing With the Survivors event. I have copied our partners with Fred Astaire, so they too can pass on your "dance."  

Warmly and with gratitude!


Molly MacDonald
Founder, President
877-234-PINK (7465)

Molly MacDonald, President of the Pink Fund, shares a moment of 'joyful dance'
with Evan Mountain, the owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Bloomfield Hills,
at the Pink Fund's 'Dancing With the Survivors' event in Warren, MI on 9.26.13.
The studio's efforts helped raise over $60,000 for The Pink Fund.

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