Friday, July 19, 2013

Day Three: Even Better than DWTS!

Fred Astaire (Dance Studios) World Championships, San Juan, Puerto Rico

FAWC spectators nearly drowned out the music in the ballroom with round after round of cheers for their favorite pro couples last night. The audience was amazed and thrilled by the incredible energy and endurance these pros brought to the floor despite a full day of dancing already! As attendees enjoyed some fun social dancing last evening, the word was that FAWC is better than Dancing With The Stars! And it's true that our pros are amazing - listen to this! Some of the professionals flying in for last night's events were stuck on planes for up to 14 hours due to rain. Facing tough conditions for muscles that need to be kept warm and flexible, these resourceful, dedicated competitors soon had their solution, which doubled as a delight for fellow passengers: they danced in the aisles of the plane! Now that's what makes a pro a pro!

Fun social dancing in the ballroom!

The FAWC crowd anticipates the Pro Show.

Tamas Kardos and Mariya Shurupova, FADS Boca Raton,
winners of American Rising Star Rhythm.

Sergey Smolin and Anna Tomasini, Chicago North, won the
American Closed Bronze. 

Ronald and Katie Guillen of Fort Walton Beach took first place
 in Showdance. 

Tarrytown's Chris Germain and Anna Kryvyk won American
 Closed Bronze.

Alyssa Goldstein and her pro-partner, Chris DeMiller, both from
 FADS Paradise Valley, took first in Open Cabaret Division 

American Closed Novice winners Marco Pizarro and Tamare Richartz,
Boynton Beach

Sergei Tryl and Anna Kryvyk, Tarrytown, winners of American
Closed Bronze/Silver Smooth

Representing Jupiter are Lucia Loper and her pro-partner,
Tamas Kardos. Lucia has attended several nationals and
loves ballroom. "Life is too short not to have fun,"
she says. Have yourself a great time, Lucia!

Ann Sanders poses with her pro-partner, Daniel Blain. They're
representing Houston Memorial and this is Ann's first national
event. Congratulations, Ann!  

Caterina Deac is competing in her first national event
 with her pro-partner, Clifton Sepulveda, on behalf of FADS
 West Palm Beach. Caterina understands the importance of
 self-expression, which makes dancing her perfect pasttime!

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