Friday, July 19, 2013

Day Four: They're Dancing Their Hearts Out

FAWC, San Juan, is really heating up. . .

This afternoon has been incredible. The competitors, all in their beautiful costumes, are dancing their hearts out. The only word that can possibly express the dancing we're seeing is 'spectacular'! The energy is so strong and the bonds that have been established between the competitors will last their lifetimes. All this, and there's still the whole rest of the day to enjoy! 

Competitors and spectators alike are having the time of their lives. Many especially
looked forward to the open division starting this afternoon.

Annette Monks with Ben Seifert, her pro-partner, representing Houston at
Annette's very first national competition in San Juan. If you ask Annette
 what she loves most about FAWC, she'll tell you it's how friendly
 and welcoming everyone is!  We're glad you're here, Annette!

From FADS Syracuse, here are Sharon Gridley and Igori Bagatinova, her pro-partner,
 getting ready for their turn on the dance floor. Looking great, you two!

Brianna Yadgir and pro-partner, Aaron DeSoto, are from the Chicago North studio.
Competing feels like perfection to Brianna, and she thinks this is the best she
 has ever danced. She also shared that her favorite part of competing
 is performing for the audience.  All the best, Brianna!

Introducing Chris Harrison and his pro-partner, Cheryl Seifert from the Champions studio
 in Houston. Chris is excited to be at FAWC, his first national competition.
You look fab, Chris, and fear not if you're a little nervous– everyone is!
Besides, a few nerves just enhance your performance!   

Cyndi Olivia with Aaaron DeSoto, pro, from Chicago North. Cyndi, who has also
competed in Orlando and Vegas, is having a great time at FAWC.  

First place in Bronze Closed American Smooth Scholarship (B) goes to
Janice Gonzalez and pro-partner Vladimir Kosarev, representing FADS Coral Gables. 

Megan Bruno and pro-partner Sergei Tryl won Bronze Closed American
Smooth Scholarship (A). They are proud to represent FADS Tarrytown. 

Yu-Lan Lin and pro-partner Istvan Cserven from Belmont, MA, took first
 place  in Bronze Closed American Smooth Scholarship (C).

Janice Gonzalez and her pro-partner,Vladimir Kosarev, from Coral Gables
 celebrate winning the American Smooth Bronze Closed Championships (B). 

Yu-Lan Lin danced to first place in American Smooth Bronze Closed Championships (C) with pro-partner Istvan Cserven.  The pair are from Belmont, MA.

First place in American Smooth Bronze Closed Championships (A) went to
 Tarrytown's Megan Bruno and her pro-partner Yuriy Herhel.

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