Friday, January 11, 2013

When Life Hands Us Lemons . . . Watch What FADS Folks Can Do!

On November 9, 2012, the inspirational message on the left appeared on the facebook page belonging to Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Beirut, owned by Marwan Jammal. And the message isn’t just lip service. When it comes to positive thinking (as is the case with so many other FADS folks), Marwan and his staff are notably, remarkably upbeat.

Well, we’ve had Marwan and his staff on our minds quite a bit during the past 3 days as they’ve endured the worst storm in their region in a decade (some reports say the worst of all time). Like Hurricane Sandy’s devastating effects on FADS folks elsewhere, this weather event has been highly destructive, resulting in widespread power outages, traffic nightmares, over-flown rivers, and saddest of all, fatalities, throughout major portions of the Middle East.

Now that the storm is finally loosening its grip on the area of his studio, Marwan has been able to send us these photos to share with you. We’ve also included a link to news about the storm. 

We wish Marwan and his staff, as well as all who are affected, a rapid recovery. And we’re pretty sure it won’t be long before FADS, Beirut, makes something positive come from it all, like teaching students how to dance in the snow. . . .

Read more about the Storm at The Daily Star

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