Friday, June 22, 2012

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swag

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swag

by Nancy LaPierre

The online Top Ten list at begins like an assortment of 2000’s-decade Billboard artist nominees: ‘Michael Jackson’. . ., ‘Jennifer Lopez’. . ., ‘Chris Brown’. . .,
‘Shakira’. . . .

An unexpected twist then occurs, making the list a potential roster for this year’s Big STAR Entertainment Awards – ‘Prabhu Deva’. . ., ‘Allu Arjun Arjun’. . ., ‘Hrithik Roshen’. . . .

Scrolling down, it gets stranger still, for in the Number 9 slot is (drum roll, please) ————— Fred Astaire?

It’s a weird but pleasant surprise to find our namesake on this quirky, seemingly-random list, honored as one of the Top Ten Best Dancers of All Time!

It feels like nothing proves the timelessness of Fred Astaire’s talent and appeal better than the appearance of his name here, the sole ‘old-timer’ among some of today’s most popular, youthful, and well-known artists reflecting an eclectic mix of styles, backgrounds and nationalities.

Of course, No. 9 isn’t the place I and TMOTC (uh, that’s Too Many Others To Count) would assign Fred Astaire. For example, check out this list by the highly reputable Observer. But ‘nuff said.  He’s there. 

How fabulous that Fred Astaire is recognized as ‘a big name in lights’ to today’s youth, as drawn as they may be to alternative choices that they may perceive to exist, as well as the inevitable differences between generations that result from the sheer passage of time.  Think, for a moment, of everything that has happened between the introduction of the ‘talkies’ and the unveiling of the I-Phone.  Folks – we’re talking more than a hundred years!

The man who was ‘the bee’s knees’ to World War One’s Lost Generation would, in today’s lingo, be credited with ‘swag:’  that’s swag capable of surmounting more than a century to live large in so many hearts, including those of the young group some people credit with ‘digital DNA’ that is collectively known as the Internet Generation.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Fred gets 'Made'

Brandon FADS Makes MTV’s ‘Made’
by Nancy Lapierre

Wow!  Is Brandon studio owner Kelle Pierce Chancellor excited – and so were we when we heard why!  Her Florida studio has earned FADS a fantastic new opportunity — to be featured on MTV’s reality show, ‘Made,’ on June 14!

With the motto “Spinning dreams into reality one hour at a time,” ‘Made’ is a highly popular reality television series now in its 12th season. Showcasing teens with goals that they could never fulfill on their own, the teens are offered a little help from MTV and their MADE coach (and, we happily note, Fred Astaire Dance Studios!) to become the people they dream of:  from singers and film directors to athletes and dancers.

The FADS episode will feature the magic of dance lessons in improving the confidence of an awkward teen-aged boy. What will happen?  Will the lessons help?  Will he gain the self-assurance that he seeks? Or will he hit the skids on the dance floor?  Will our dancer turn famous, like Branden Naccarato, the Pennsylvania teen couch potato-turned-tri-athlete who gained national attention after his appearance on ‘Made’? 

The mystery will remain until show-time, and we sure do want to know what happens!
This exciting honor was bestowed upon the studio because of its enticing, comprehensive website (do check it out here!) and "the friendly, upbeat way" MTV’s initial call was handled.
Kelle writes, “We are so proud that they chose us amid several independent competitors!” 

Kelle runs the studio with her husband, David. The pair makes a supreme effort to reach the younger age group, and Kelle knows that “this is an awesome way to get the FADS name out to the teenage demographic.” 

Kelle and David Chancellor
A favorite teacher at her own studio, Kelle was also recently hired to be the local high school’s dance program choreographer for the 2012-2013 year. “We will have a FADS ad in all their programs and on the school’s website,” she notes, “which will reach hundreds of students and their families.”

“The Brandon Team is SO proud to be a part of the great FADS family,” writes Kelle, who is thankful for “everyone's support of the newbies on the block!”

Congratulations to the Team for this great opportunity, the result of great work!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

FAWC 2012 Theme Night

FAWC Saturday Night Theme

The 'fire' will be burning with the hottest dancers from all over the U.S. at the 2012 FAWC in San Juan, Puerto Rico! You won't want to miss this year's World Championship event complete with fabulous Pro/Am and professional dancing, and many more highlights throughout the week.  


The El San Juan Casino and Resort and the FADS family welcomes you to our World Championship with open arms. The moment you arrive at the Fred Astaire registration desk, you'll know that this event will be the one you'll never forget. For four straight days, the beach will be hot with the sun and the ballroom will be even hotter with some of the best dancers in the U.S.!

The event will end with a fiery professional show, "El Fuego!" Attire for the evening is casual chic white; so, pull out your linen, Tommy Bahama, gauze, or cotton white shirts, pants and dresses and watch the ballroom come aglow! 

Your FADS family will be waiting for your arrival!