Thursday, January 26, 2012

The First Waltz

~by Carmen Champagne

Just like everyone else, my life is hectic. There is work and errands to run, various appointments to keep, tending to my children’s needs-- all during the week between my first dance lesson and second. Oh, right; and there’s the holidays. I didn’t give much thought to my upcoming session with Tobi until it was time to go again. So, perhaps it wasn’t odd that I found myself more than a little bit nervous driving to the studio that evening.

When I arrived, Tobi was as gracious as ever and informed me of our lesson plan for the evening; a recap of all the dances we had covered on the first lesson, and he also would be introducing a new dance as well. Yikes! Would I remember everything?

After changing into my sandals, we progressed onto the dance floor and started with the Foxtrot. Poised in formation, Tobi gave my right hand that familiar squeeze and immediately my right foot responded accordingly. Tobi started by counting and reiterating the steps we were making and then changed the course of our conversation, asking me about my children. What are their names? How old are they? Were they excited for the upcoming holidays? I answered, all the while we continued to move about the dance floor. When we reached the conclusion of our box step, Tobi pointed out that I had been correctly doing the dance steps while focusing on something else entirely. Well done, Tobi. Well done.

Practice of the Rumba netted the same successful results. Yay, me!

Next, it was time to learn the Waltz. Now, when I hear the word, “Waltz”, I immediately envision white-haired, stodgy old men in black tuxedos and overly-starched shirts (perhaps even a monocle in hand, used to survey the choice of available dance partners), and the women have pointy noses, overdone curls and dour looks. They stand around the floor talking with each other in small circles, pretending to drink punch all the while wondering if they will even be asked to dance at all. In other words, I felt it was a bit outdated and stuffy.

But I paid attention as Tobi explained to me that we would be using the same box steps as we had during the Rumba just performing them in a different order. We would also elongate our stride so as to cover more ground on the dance floor. I followed his lead and absolutely FELL IN LOVE with this dance. Moving backwards, my steps longer, I noticed a definite lilt in my gait as Tobi glided us all over the ballroom floor. I was elegant. I was graceful. It was a straight-up fairy tale moment and I was the beautiful princess dancing with the handsome prince. Had I known how, I would have curtsied at the end of our Waltz.

We ended with a recap of the Swing dance and Tobi added turns to the mix. What fun! The swing is just so enjoyable and more laid back and was a fine way to end the lesson.

The icing on the cake for the evening…Tobi advised me that our next lesson would include my introduction to the Tango.


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Bryllupsfotograf said...

Amazing video :-) Me and my coming husband is actually using this video for a alternative wedding dance :-) Just shared it on my facebook :)