Monday, October 24, 2011

Fred Astaire Tampa Bay Dancing with The Stars

The Tampa Bay edition of the Gulf Coast Business Review recently ran a story on president and CEO of Ambassor Limousine, Ken Lucci and his involvement in this year's Tampa Bay's Dancing with the Stars. The event is a dance competition featuring local celebrities and raises money for area charity organizations including, Hands Across the Bay, Kids Charity of Tampa Bay and Pepin Academies.

Lucci was given dance lessons and paired with Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructor, Tiana Ramirez in preparation for the evening. On October 1st, Ken and Tiana took to the dance floor and wowed the judges with his choice, a tango:

And so how did he do, you might be wondering? Ken Lucci can now add the title of Best Male Dancer to his resume. In an open letter to Fred Astaire Dance Studios, he had this to say about his performance:

"This was very rewarding, the judges were professional dancers and dance coaches and to win that vote was quite a testament to my dancing teacher and partner, Tiana Ramirez. She deserves all the credit because she could swing around stage with a dead body (which I may have felt like at times) and make them look great.

Hats off to Fred Astaire Dance Studios for supporting this event and teaching uncoordinated guys like me to look good on the dance floor. They are the best."

Hats off to you, Ken, for making a difference in your community!

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