Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Power Ranking – The FADS Edition: Week 10 - The Finals!

This week - the final week of our Season 12 DWTS Power Rankings - we see Chelsea Kane dropping from her #1 spot all the way down to #3, and by no fault of her own other than not having enough fans. Mirror Ball Trophy winner Hines Ward was a consistent #1 finisher throughout the weeks of this competition, and he was never seriously in jeopardy. Kirstie Alley managed to capture 2nd Place thanks entirely to her fan base.


#1 - Hines Ward
Hines danced well all season. As I mentioned above, he was never in serious jeopardy, and Kym knew quite well that his huge fan base meant she could keep him in safe dances that, although oftentimes uninspiring, would nearly always result in him scoring well with the judges, and that in turn would allow the fans to take care of the rest.

#2 - Kirstie Alley
Here's a point that not too many people have bothered to mention: Kirstie Alley made it into the Season 12 Finals almost precisely the same way Bristol Palin made it into the Finals in Season 11 - by way of a huge and loyal fan base voting for her. It certainly wasn't because of her prowess in dancing. But, in the end, DWTS isn't about being the "best" dancer (she's listed below); it's about being the most popular.

#3 - Chelsea Kane
Oh, Cheslea, you performed so well. In a real dance competition you would have won. Alas, just as many predicted, your lack of a fan base eventually did you in.

I was actually pretty surprised at the animosity exhibited towards Chelsea by so many posters over at the DWTS message boards. Many predicted she would win because, after all, she was a Disney/ABC employee and so the ABC show was "setting her up" to win it all. That logic, of course, flew in the face of past DWTS winners (and losers). I think a lot of their dissing had to do with the fact that, deep inside, they knew she was a great dancer and had a great chance to win on her own, so they had to come up with some kind of conspiracy theory to stir the pot, if only to justify their own support for less-talented celebrities.

Oh well, in the end it hardly matters. As Syracuse FADS co-owner Natasha Oreshkina said in her commentary on the Finals show, it's just a show.

Congratulations to Hines Ward and to all of the celebrities who entertained us for the past 10 weeks on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars.

Season 13 of DWTS is set for September 19, 2011.

See you then!

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