Friday, February 04, 2011

Karen Hauer Compares Performing on TV versus Stage

In the latest issue of Dance Beat, writer Andrew Pueschel interviews professional dancer Karen Hauer.

Hauer and her husband & partner, Matt, are currently ranked #6 in the USA in NDCA American Rhythm and captured 2nd place in Mambo at the 2007 NDC Championships, according to Hauer's Facebook page. Hauer has also danced with partners Kevin Hunte (Cha-Cha) and Victor Smalley (Tango, hip-hop) on TV's So You Think You Can Dance.

Hauer is out of the SYTYCD competition these days. She started touring with the theatrical show "Burn the Floor" last year (actually late December of 2009). In the interview, Pueschel asks Hauer about the difference between performing on television and performing on stage.

"It's totally different," Hauer responds. "[On TV] you only have ONE chance to create a character that the audience will either get behind or turn their backs on." She said that in contrast to television, the stage allows a performer to develop their character. "My character grows throughout the show and I can be more myself - who Karen really is."

Pueschel then asked Hauer how she thinks experienced ballroom dancers will view "Burn the Floor."

"Those who know more about the techniques seem to appreciate not only the difficulty and clarity of the routines, but [also] relate to the insanely high level of energy - the acting, the development of each character and the telling of each individual story throughout the evening," she explained. "It really is something that dancers of all levels can be inspired by!"

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