Friday, January 07, 2011

Junior High School Students Show Their Steps

Competitive ballroom dancing isn’t just for studios and television, and in December students at Jefferson Jr. High School, in Woodridge, Illinois, took to the dance floor to compete in that school’s 6th annual Dance Finals Contest.

“During the four-week unit,” writes Woodridge Patch Editor Mellissa Tussing, “the students worked on the waltz, cha-cha, tango and swing and line dancing.

“Students competed during each gym class to be named first, second or third for each of the four ballroom dances. One couple was chosen from each class to go to the dance finals,” Tussing explained in her December 18, 2010 story.

More than 70 judges took part in the final balloting. The top three couples were all 8th-graders, Tussing reported, with students Amanda McCash and Scott DeLaby eventually taking first place.

McCash told the Woodridge Patch her favorite dance is the tango, which she found to be the “least awkward,” and that her favorite part of the competition was just being able to dance with other students. "It was really fun being with our friends and dancing," she told the Patch.

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