Thursday, December 16, 2010

Got the Post-"Dancing with the Stars" Blues?

With Season 11 now in the bag (as of this past November), fans of Dancing with the Stars will have to suffer through yet another long, cold winter before they get to resume their addiction this coming spring, when the hit show begins its 12th Season.

But the harsh winter weeks don't have to all be about living in the "doldrums," as writer Gina Carbone puts it. Carbone, who writes for, has a few ideas to help keep folks busy as the cold winter season passes between fans' fixes of Dancing. Below are a few of her listed suggestions for passing your time.

1. Take some time to decide once and for all if you are Team Maks or Team Derek.

2. Relive the best and worst routines of Season 11 and mentally prepare yourself for the highs and lows of Season 12.

3. Check out our Season 12 suggestions for DWTS categories like Cutest Old Person and Controversial Figure and suggest your own playlist for Pop Singer, Soap Star, Disney Kid, etc. There are so many "types" to choose from!

6. Try to get tickets to watch the show liiiiiiive in the studio audience. Because Derek and Maks are probably even hotter when they're taking their shirts off 10 feet in front of you. We can only imagine. And, oh man, do we imagine...

11. Calculate if any of your relationships lasted longer than the real-life couples of DWTS.

13. See if you even like any of the celebrities who want to be cast next season.

Carbone, who appears to have a soft spot for Maksim Chmerkovskiy, has other ideas, as well. Checkout her entire listing of things to do, here.

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