Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Controversy Follows "Dancing with the Stars" 11th Season

All lot of talk has been swirling since last November’s Season 11 finale of Dancing with the Stars. At the center of the controversy has been the apparent edge celebrity dancer Bristol Palin (daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin) received as a result of anonymous email balloting that occurred during the season.

Commenting on professional dancer Derek Hugh, the Green Celebrity Network reported: “Winning with Jennifer Grey against Bristol Palin could not have felt too great – because, bottom line, a loophole in the voting system allowed [for] artificially cast votes done by fictitious and anonymous email to over inflate the votes for Sarah Palin’s daughter, thereby errantly eliminating anyone who could have truly beaten Jennifer in earlier rounds.”

Lori Calabrese, reporting from the national edition of the Examiner website, reported: “Palin's longevity, despite landing at the bottom of the leader board four times this season, was credited to her mom Sarah Palin's political supporters, and it all came to a head when Bristol beat Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy to enter the finals.”

Due in large part to this latest controversy, there is concern now, too, Calabrese reports, that DWTS may be turning into more of a popularity contest than a dancing skills competition, with people flooding the voting lines in support of their favorite celebrity as opposed to the best dancing team. Worse, ABC executives might not necessarily see that as a bad thing.

“The Bristol Palin-fueled Dancing with the Stars Monday night,” Calabrese notes, “posted the strongest results for a Dancing performance finale in six seasons.”

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