Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ballroom Dancing Next Challenge for Wheelchair-bound Bodybuilding Champ

Vowing not to let misfortune bring him down, bodybuilder champ Nick Scott transformed himself in just a few years' time from a depressed, out-of-shape victim of a car crash (which left him wheelchair-bound) to a national bodybuilding champion.

Scott achieved his goal and then some, becoming the nation's leading advocate for wheelchair bodybuilding, according to Kansas City Star reporter Edward M. Eveld.

And now Scott's next challenge is to compete in ballroom dancing, which, he says in Eveld's article, "It’s totally different from power lifting and bodybuilding."

Scott and his dancing partner, Aubree Marchione, have already taken first-place awards at the Atlantic Coast Dancesport Championships in Philadelphia and the Heart of America Dancesport Championships in Kansas City, reports Eveld.

Check out Nick and Aubree in these videos from Scott's site:

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