Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dancing With The Stars, Season 11 Commentary

Week Six

By Natasha Oreshkina, award winning ballroom dancer

This week's theme was rock and roll with a group marathon at the end.

Brandy had the best performance of the night with her Tango danced to "I Need A Hero." Brandy and Maks are becoming a very interesting couple to watch. They won the best routine for the night and finished first place in the marathon.

Audrina Patridge came in second place this week with her Paso Doble. I really liked the music she danced too and her costume looked fantastic. She showed good footwork but, again, she didn't express the character of the dance. She had beautiful lines but her face showed no emotion. She doesn't understand or feel the mood of the dance. She got a score of 24 with 8 additional points for the marathon for an overall score of 32. I am pretty upset by her elimination. In my opinion, she should still be in the competition. There are three other couples that should've gone before her.

Rick Fox's Tango definitely showed improvement. His dance earned 24 points plus 6 points in the marathon for an overall score of 30.

Also getting an overall score of 30 was Kyle Massey. He danced a Tango for a score of 23 (with additional 7 points for the marathon). It looked like Lacey was really pushing him in rehearsal and it showed. His movement and footwork was so much better.

Jennifer Grey came in next with an overall score of 29 (20 for her dance plus 9 points for the marathon). It was not her best week. Perhaps she is feeling too much pressure at being #1 because now her results are going down. She looked nervous when she danced her Paso Doble. She messed up her footwork and lost her balance (along with her partner Derek Hough).

Bristol Palin danced a Tango for an overall score of 28 (23 for the dance and 5 for the marathon). She was much better than last week. I felt like she really tried.

Kurt Warner came in last place for an overall score of 22 (18 for his Paso Doble and 4 for the marathon). His performance, for me, wasn't so good. I think they can do much better. I still don't see any improvement in his posture.

Results of the dance marathon:
1st place - Brandy
2nd - Jennifer
3rd - Audrina
4th - Kyle
5th - Rick
6th - Bristol
7th - Kurt

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