Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ballroom Dancing Legends Revealed!


BALLROOM DANCING LEGEND: Fred Astaire’s will stipulates that he never be portrayed in a film.

In the decade or so leading up to his death, Astaire had been turning down requests for “official” film versions of his life, and in his will, Astaire stipulated that he never been portrayed in a film.
He felt that he should be judged by his life, and his life only, and not what some filmmaker may wish to say about his life in a film.

BALLROOM DANCING LEGEND: Jim Thorpe was a ballroom champion dancer.

Considered one of the most versatile athletes of modern sports, Jim Thorpe won Olympic gold medals for the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon, played American football (collegiate and professional), and also played professional baseball and basketball. However, his athletic dominance was not reserved for the playing field. He also dominated in the ballroom! Thorpe was known as an excellent ballroom dancer and even won the inter-collegiate ballroom dancing championships in 1912!

BALLROOM DANCING LEGEND: Cyd Charisse’s legs were insured for a million bucks each.

Cyd Charisse, a famed dancer who partnered with both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, was known for her beautiful long legs. For years, rumors were flying that MGM insured her legs for a million dollars each. But Charisse said for years before her death that it was not true and just a product of MGM’s publicity machine. In fact, MGM internal documents about Charisse during that time make no mention of such an insurance policy.

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