Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dancing With The Stars, Season 11 Commentary

Week Two

By Natasha Oreshkina, award winning ballroom dancer

Michael Bolton was eliminated this week although I thought he got better since the week before. His dance was a strange interpretation of the Jive. The choreography wasn't good for him. Bruno was too mean and his comments were too tough. The problems with the dance wasn't Michael's fault. Chelsie created the choreography and it just wasn't a good idea.

"The Situation" danced a Quick Step for a score of 18. Compared to last week, he improved but he needs to work on his balance and musicality next week.

Margaret Cho danced the Jive for a score of 18. This style of dance worked better for her since personality plays a big part in the Jive. She seemed more relaxed and was much improved in general.

Florence Henderson danced the Quick Step for a score of 19. What a beautiful woman! She can really move and dance! She made the Quick Step look easy and elegant.

Three couples got the same score when they did the Jive: Brandy, Kurt Warner, and Eric Fox. Brandy's Jive was not as good as her dance last week. I was expecting more from her. Maybe "Latin" is not a good style for her. Her outfit was also a little strange. There are some technical points that she needs to work on, including pointing her toes. It seemed as if the Smooth style worked better for Brandy than Latin.

Kurt Warner performed better than he did last week. This dance was better suited for his style. It looked like he was having fun!

Eric Fox's Jive was good, an especially hard dance for a big guy. His dance was full of energy.

Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin both danced the Quick Step and both got a score of 22. I still don't see Bristol as a performer. She needs more confidence but she's working hard. Kyle is a great guy! He made this week's dance look awesome, just like last week. He has excelled in both styles of dance. Although his was not a classical Quick Step, it was still fun to watch.

Audrina Patridge's Quick Step (score 23) was lovely. She looks like a dancer.

Jennifer Grey is still in first place with a score of 24. Her Jive, which had difficult choreography, was incredible to watch. She looked amazing.

Looking forward to next week. Feel free to post comments and I will answer back!


Cinders said...

Why do you keep calling Rick Fox as Eric? His real name is not even Eric. His first name is Ulrich.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio said...

Hi Cinders,
Our mistake...thanks for pointing it out! Happy Dancing!