Thursday, September 02, 2010

Applying Makeup For Ballroom Dance Performances


By Michelle Aveyard, eHow Contributor

Makeup for ballroom dance competitions must be more dramatic and heavily applied than day-to-day makeup, which can leave dancers looking washed out and pale under the bright stage lighting. The makeup must accentuate the dancers' features for judges and the audience, who will be sitting far away from the stage. Most makeup is applied to the female dancer's face, but her male partner does need to darken his skin for maximum visibility.

1.Apply skin tanner or bronzer to both male and female dancers' faces, to keep them from looking washed out under the lighting. Apply to all visible skin, including face, chest, arms and neck, to keep the complexion consistent.

2.Cover the woman's face with liquid foundation. Set with powder, to keep the makeup from running.

3.Apply a bright-colored blush to the woman's cheeks. Use a great deal more blush and a brighter color than you would typically use, to distinguish the cheeks and cheekbones.

4.Line the woman's eyes with a dark liner to accentuate their shape and make them seem to "pop" from the stage. Coat each lid and its inner crease with a bright-colored shadow. Attach artificial lashes to the upper lid with eyelash glue. Coat lashes with mascara.

5.Outline her lips with a dark lip liner. Fill in with a long-lasting, smudge-proof lipstick in a bright color. Finish with a shiny lip gloss.

Tips & Warnings
• The dancing as well as the lighting can cause the dancer to perspire, so look for foundations and powders that are long-lasting or waterproof.
• Use a stick or cream blush, which will last longer.
• Dancers often use more than one shade of eyeshadow, and will coordinate the colors with their costumes..

Things You'll Need
• Skin tanner or bronzer
• Foundation
• Powder
• Blush
• Eyeliner
• Mascara
• Eye shadow
• Artificial eyelashes
•Lip gloss

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