Monday, August 02, 2010

FADS Pros Win Big!

Professional dancers from Fred Astaire Dance Studios around the country are heating up the dance floor this year at various prestigious competitions. Here are some recent results:

Millennium Dance Championships

American Open Rhythm
4th - Ricky Bentzen and Albina Habrle
6th - Hayk Arshakian and Sarah Haworth

1st – Jesse Benedetti and Kimalee Piedad
4th – Vicente Martinez and Megan Murphy

Rising Star American Smooth
5th – Chris Germain and Simona Palmova

Rising Star American Rhythm
1st – Aleks Nashev and Brittney Bartler
2nd – Aaron DeSoto and Jaana Lillemagi
4th – Slash Sharan and Ria Valenzuela

Manhattan Dance Championships

American Rhythm
3rd – Ken Hansen and Christina Penatello
4th – Ricky Bentzen and Albina Habrle

American Smooth
5th - Mikhail Zharinov and Galina Detkina

5th place – Plamen Danailov and Tina Gerova

Rising Star American Rhythm
2nd – Slash Sharan and Ria Valenzuela
3rd – Eugene Yeremenko and Marisa Yatsenko

Rising Star American Smooth
4th – Peter Hahn and Juliet Thibodeaux


margi said...

Which pro's won what in The FADS NAtional Comp in San Juan?

Fred Astaire Dance Studio said...

Results coming soon!