Thursday, August 05, 2010

5 Reasons Men Can Enjoy Ballroom Dancing Too


By: D Fraer

Some men might view ballroom dancing as an activity for women. How ever there have been some pretty manly men prove that they can dance with the best of them on hit TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.

The truth is there are lots of great reasons men should be interested in learning ballroom dance as well and I'll give you five of those reasons in this article.


Ballroom dance is not for any slouch. You're constantly moving, on your feet and stretching your muscles. You require a certain level of physical fitness to be able to perform some of the more popular ballroom dance styles. If you find you don't exercise as much as you used to then ballroom dancing can be a great activity to keep fit.


Dancing is as much about having a good time as it is about fitness. IF you go into dance lessons with an open mind you'll find it's fun and is a great alternative to some of the regular things you used to do on a Friday night.

Team Work

Working together with your significant other to learn the steps to a particular dance takes team work. The type of team work that will spill over into the rest of your life around the house, with the kids or even just getting groceries. It's a great growth exercise.


Holding each other close during your dance lessons or during a night out on the town dancing is romantic. It builds intimacy between you and your partner and allows you to express your emotions in a new way, even if you normally have trouble talking about them. Many men decide to take ballroom lessons because they believe it will put them in the good books with their wives or girl friends, but if you really give yourself to process you'll get so much more in return.


Find yourself asking your partner what do you want to do tonight a lot? We often end up doing the same old things over and over. Going to the movies, watching TV or reading a book. Why not spice things up with dance lessons or a night on the town.

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