Monday, June 21, 2010

Fred Astaire Dance Studios On So You Think You Can Dance!

FABIAN SANCHEZ, co-owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Birmingham, Alabama and formerly on Dancing With The Stars, will be choreographing for Salsa and Mambo couples on this season's show.

Fabian will join a list of other notable choreographers in the dance world today, including Louis van Amstel, Napoloeon and Tabitha D’umo, Tyce Diorio, Jean-Marc Genereux, Tony Meredith, Mia Michaels, and Ron Montez.

In addition, LAUREN FRODERMAN, a student at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the top 11 contestants on the show this season. “We have a little thing we decided she would do to say hello to all of her Fred Astaire family [while she’s on the show],” says studio owner Robert Doyle, “At the end of her number when she makes the sign for people to call, she will make the “SHAKA” sign, which means ‘hang loose.’”

Congratulations to Fabian and Lauren for their outstanding achievements!

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Baby Diva said...

She did the shaka sign tonight XD