Monday, May 17, 2010

Three Things Most People Don't Know About Ballroom Dancing


By: Blaze Smith

First, it improves your poise and the presence that you take with you. It makes you more comfortable with your appearance and physique. If you get past your fear of dancing in front of many people, you become at ease in situations like meeting new people, speaking in front of a crowd, and sharing your knowledge to others. People around you become intrigued, fascinated, and see you in a different way than the way you perceive yourself. You're no longer afraid of the way you speak, the way you write or the way you craft a software program. A lot of people have gotten away from understanding how their physical presence is being observed by other people.
Next, taking dance lessons can be good for releasing stress. Many people are worried that they're unsure if they can make it. It's actually a simple thing to do. You start to relax and you become absorbed as the music is played. You dance with a nice person that's in front of you, remember the steps, and think about the laws of dance from your teacher. It's like playing a sports activity. It's very absorbing for a lot of people. The rest of the world may not melt away but your problems or issues tend to go away. Unlike meditating wherein you're in a sleep state, dancing makes you very focused and connected especially if you like the music or the song. It's like being in a car, singing out loud while driving fast! It's a "��yes"�� moment yet safer. You're also invigorating your body and building those endorphins out there. Everybody knows that those make you feel better. It's like watching a good movie that makes you laugh. Instead of just sitting and watching, you become part of the movie wherein you are actually moving around yourself. It really takes you into another place.

Lastly, if you follow and listen to your teacher's suggestions, it definitely gets you to use your core muscles and be more aware of working on your posture. Some people find they lose a couple of inches around their waists after toning these areas. They look slimmer & taller and fit into clothes differently. It's an aerobic exercise wherein you will burn off calories and lose weight if you come to the studio regularly. Even if you're not worried about losing weight, you get to tighten and tone your muscles especially the midsection area.

Let's go dancing!

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