Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Benefits Of Dance

By Millie Dhirmalani, owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Princeton, NJ
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On Friday January 22, 2010 at 7:00 p.m., professional ballroom dancer, Tony Dovolani, from the hit show Dancing with the Stars visited our studio to perform a special dance showcase with Snejana Petrova. This was a great opportunity to see those professionals perform live, along with participating in a group class taught Tony himself.

Sure, dancing is fun...
But do you know how much you can benefit from this activity?

Over the years, it has been proven that dance is more than an art but a leading sport. Now with Ballroom and Latin dancing being more popular than ever and with professionals in the constant spotlight, we find ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity for these professionals to teach and coach in our area.

From the first time you walk onto the dance floor at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Princeton, you will feel a difference in your life. Many studies have proven how the art of dance can help improve your mind, body, and sense of well being. At this professional ballroom and Latin dance studio, students are raving about how dancing has helped change their life. Doug states, “I was a Navy Seal and thought I was in the best shape of my life, but since I started ballroom dancing, I have never felt better and been more toned.”

By dancing, your body endures a wide array of movements, involving an increase in range of motion, and the more you dance, the more your muscles will flex and extend. Most forms of dancing involve a series of bending and stretching resulting in an increase in general flexibility throughout your body. By increasing your flexibility, you are also conditioning your body to prevent future injuries.

As you progress through your ballroom and Latin dance experience, your body begins to respond to the changes you are asking of it, for example, increasing your stamina and making the best use of your muscles and joints. Soon, you will find yourself able to dance for longer periods of time without feeling exhausted.

Because dance uses a myriad of muscle groups, you can expect your body to get toned in ways that just might surprise you. Most people associate strength and toning with the gym, but many people forget that your own body can act as its own weight for your muscles. From dipping and turning to mastering the Latin figure eight, you utilize all major muscles group including legs, arms, back and core.

As a result, when your back, neck, and abdominal muscles strengthen, you can expect your posture to improve also. When you find yourself standing taller and sitting straighter you will realize how much dance has helped you improve your posture, balance and poise. All of these things, paired with stronger leg muscles, help to improve your overall balance. Remember, with a healthy new posture comes greater confidence and agility.

Lastly, dance has also become, essentially one of the magic remedies for redirecting one's focus. If you're concerned about work, your family or your massive to-do list, while you are dancing, your worries seem to disappear. The social benefits of dance have also had a hand in decreasing stress. As you build friendships and participate in the group activities, this promotes relaxation and confidence throughout your life.

Finally, dancing can bestow upon you an incredible sense of well being. Studies have shown that strong social ties and socializing with friends contribute to high self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. Susan, one of our first students to join our studio, states, “From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcome at this studio, and the benefits I’ve experienced are countless. I have never felt better, emotionally, in my life than now!!!”

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