Tuesday, September 22, 2009

United States Dance Championships 2009!

We are proud to announce that many Fred Astaire Dance Studio professionals won big at the recent USDC, the most prestigious dance championship in the United States. Congratulations to all our competitors and special congratulations to:

Marat Bakh & Kristina Staykova – 7th in American Rhythm
Jesse Benedetti & Kimalee Piedad – 1st in US Cabaret and 2nd in World Professional Cabaret/Exhibition
Ricky Bentzen & Albina Habrle – 5th in American Rhythm
Aaron DeSoto & Jaana Lillemagi – 5th in National Rising Star American Rhythm
Chris Germain & Simona Polmova – 6th in National Rising Star Smooth
Victor Luna & Dawn Westberry – 3rd in Theatrical Dance
Aleks Nashev & Brittney Bartler - 4th in National Rising Star American Rhythm
Vicente Martinez & Megan Murphy – 2nd in US Cabaret and 3rd in World Professional Cabaret/Exhibition
Adam Maynard & Rachel Nace – 9th in US Cabaret
Ruslan Meshkov & Alexandra Nema – 3rd in Open Rising Star International Standard and 3rd in National Rising Star International Standard
Ilya Velednitsky & Mandy Velednitsky – 2nd in National Rising Star American Rhythm

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