Monday, July 06, 2009

Swing Dancing

Want to spot the Swing dancers on the dance floor? Look for the couples with the biggest smiles on their faces. Swing dancing, a truly American phenomenon, is lively, fast-paced, and athletic. Characterized by lifts, spins, and flips, dancers maintain a low stance and loose-legged posture. Swing dances allow couples to easily add their personal style and expression to their dancing.
With fewer rules than other formalized ballroom dances, Swing dancing has become one of the most popular forms of social dance in the United States.
Some different Swing dances include:
Lindy Hop - The original Swing Dance, the joyful Lindy Hop is known for its acrobatic air steps, swivels, kicks, rhythmic footwork, and lively turns. The Lindy Hop began as a blend of West African dance movements with European social dancing and is now open to inspiration and new steps.

West Coast Swing - Originally derived from the Lindy Hop, the West Coast Swing is a smooth, laid-back dance that encourages individuality. It is the official dance for the state of California. Dancers of the West Coast Swing perform in a "slot" on the dance floor where the man dances in place while the woman travels back and forth.

East Coast Swing - This quick, 6 count, triple step dance involves small and light steps. The East Coast Swing is performed in a circular, rotating motion with many wraps, tunnels, and turns. It brings back the feeling of the 1950s.

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