Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - New Pro!

The line-up for the next season of Dancing With The Stars hasn’t been announced yet but we do know of one dancer who will be on the new show: Twenty-one year old Anna Demidova won last season’s Pro Dancer Competition for the fall 2009 series.

A shining star in the dance world, Russian-American Anna was six years old when she started to dance. She won the Ireland Open Championship and the British Open Junior Ballroom Championship when she was 15 years old. With her dancing partner Andrei Begunov, she became the US Youth Champion in 2005-2006. At the World Championships, she made it to the finals, representing the U.S. In the Yyouth category, they won the BYU Championship, the Tri State Challenge, the King’s Ball, and the Ohio Star Ball. With her new partner Igor Mikushov, she has won many more championships, such as the Emerald Ball, the San Francisco Open, the Ohio Star Ball, and Manhattan Dancesport Championship. Demidova and Miushov made it to the finals in the Blackpool Under 21 Ballroom Championships.

Anna is definitely qualified to be a great addition to the show. The only question is ...who will be her partner?!?


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