Monday, July 06, 2009

Champion Dancers

By Marina Tarsinov, New York Eastside Studio Owner

The greatest assets of our studios are the incredible people working within the Fred Astaire system. They are the talent, the face, the moving force which make us successful throughout the years and which calls for our
respect, appreciation, and admiration. With much pride and gratitude today, we would like to put in the spotlight two great dancers who strive for perfection and reach new heights in their dance careers and in their teaching talents every single day.

RADOSTINA GEROVA and PLAMEN DANAILOV are 5 times Bulgarian Professional International Latin Champions, Rising Star US Open Finalists, Rising Star International Finalists, Rising Star Blackpool Finalists, UK 10 dance Championship Runners Up. They are also the current Fred Astaire International Latin Champions and finalists in many major US and European Championships.

Prior to their arrival in the United States, Radostina and Plamen, who are originally from Bulgaria, were top rated Amateur competitors and Champions in both International Standard and Latin. They competed with their previous partners at many National, European and World Amateur Events and went on to win numerous prestigious titles.

Radostina (Tina) joined the New York East Side Fred Astaire Dance Studio in 2000, and has been one of our most successful and sought after teachers ever since. Her incredible talent to inspire and bring the best out
of our students has earned well deserved respect and recognition for her work.

Tina and Plamen currently have a very active competitive and performance career, competing in all major US and International Championships and often being invited as featured performers at various DanceSport
and charity events.

They have five special show numbers, choreographed by Taliat Tarsinov, all of them with themes or dedicated to the most famous Broadway shows or the greatest movies. They dance the Cha-Cha to music from “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” and the Rumba to a theme from the movie “Dream Girls.” Their Paso Doble music comes from the soundtrack of the movie “Chocolate.” The show dance routine which Tina and Plamen danced at the World Show Dance Championship in May of this year is choreographed in the original style of Bob Fosse.

We all wish them luck at this and all upcoming events. Radostina Gerova and Plamen Danailov are fabulous performers, who have their unique voices in our industry today.

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