Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I Dance, A Poem

Why I Dance
By Mary Kealey, a student at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Westerville,Ohio

There once was a lady from Chase
Who decided she had too much waist.
Her cruise was in June
Which seemed way too soon.
She certainly had to make haste!

The exercise program she had really wasn’t so bad.
She just needed more to turn heads galore
So started to look just a tad.

She came upon Fred Astaire
And decided she would look there.
So lessons she started,
Went at it whole hearted
And soon started moving with flair.

The activity lessens her stress
Which she will loudly profess.
Her steps she does learn
With every little turn
Amy, happy with her good progress.

Her goals now appear within reach
Both weight loss and knowledge increase
Her program
She’s learning new moves
She hasn’t been that bad to teach.

So the moral of this little ditty
Is even in this mid-west city
You too can have fun
I recommend this one
Do I get points for being witty?

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