Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Week 3

A Teacher's Perspective

By Debra Stroiney, Former Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructor and currently taking care of franchise business at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Corporate Office

I found this comment in an article I read this weekend:

Maksim Chmerkovskiy fueled a mini DWTS feud earlier this season when he told TV Guide that "it's very unfair" that Rycroft, 25, is competing because "she was a cheerleader and did ballet."

I don’t think there is any basis for this comment. Here is the list of former contestants whom we KNOW had previous dance experience before the show: Joey McIntyre, Drew Lachey, Joey Fatone, Mel B, Kristi Yamaguchi, Lance Bass, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Sabrina Bryan, and Willa Ford. All of these individuals have been on stage dancing while singing or have used dance as training for something else. There may be others who were on the show that had dance training as a part of a performing arts degree or some other professional training. This previous dance experience does not always translate into being successful at ballroom dancing. It does help but it does not give someone an unfair advantage. There are individuals who were trained in some type of dancing and also have a natural talent for learning physical movements and patterns. I believe this is what Melissa has, as well as Gilles, and of course Shawn Johnson. Melissa is exactly the type of dancer you would want to walk into your dance studio and say: “I would like to audition and apply to be a dance instructor.” I am sure she works very hard at practicing and the only advantage she has is that she is used to learning dance/cheer patterns and an awareness of how to move her body.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Sambas and Foxtrots last night. In previous seasons, I could barely watch these dances because they were making them too hard for students who have been dancing for less than two months. It is almost as if everyone is more comfortable with their partners this season and can create choreography that works for them.

There are definitely three categories of dancers this season. The bad, the good, and the spectacular. Some of those hovering in the middle of the pack really need to do some amazing things to compete with those who come out every week and put on great performances. I was even happy to see that there were a lot of ties in the scores this week. There isn’t anyone who seems to be the judges' “favorite” yet. (They are still being very nice to Denise Richards, maybe because she was the first to dance….)

I have to say I am glad the audience clapped and cheered for Steve Wozniak. I know he is not dancing well but at least he is having a good time out there, he has not much else to offer other than that. I don’t think that he will make it past this week, how can he make up a 10 with audience votes? I am not sure if they are having a dance off again tonight but even that might not help.

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Anonymous said...

well I do not think Maks has to worry about his statement. melissa has proved NOT to be that good. Her PASO was awful, she looked confused and off step therough the whole thing. and she has gone on talk shows stating. well I had that "Stupid SALSA" ..in a derogatory tone.and acting as if she has it in the bag to win. Melissa comes off very conceited and i am very disappointed that she was chosen to be on--I am NOT a fan of the bachelor--it is silly, unrealistic show. hopefully she will be kicked of as 4th place and we will never see her again--she must be adicted to reality TV--this is her 3rd show..