Monday, March 02, 2009

Coach Urges His Team To Ballroom Dance

Excerpt From Holbrook, MA:

Coach to girls: Go dancing!
By Paul Harber

Holbrook -
Greg Paone held what might be his final team meeting as a coach.
The Holbrook High School interim girls’ basketball coach met with his team last week for a final time.

They talked about the past season, bid farewell to their seniors who will not be back next year, and talked to his players who will return next year and offered some advice.

“I told them to give ballroom dancing a try,” said Paone. He wasn’t joking. “I think every athlete, and I don’t care what sport it is, should take ballroom dancing.”

There is a method to his madness. “Nothing will improve an athlete’s foot work more than ballroom dance,” said Paone. “It’s all about foot control. If you can ballroom dance, you will be a better athlete.”

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