Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dancing In Rochester, MN

From Rochester, MN Post-Bullentin:

By Emily Colbenson Ties can heat up a cold night by taking salsa or tango lessons at one of the dance halls in town, like the Blue Moon Ballroom or Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

At Fred Astaire, their introductory deal offers you and your special someone two, 20-minute private lessons, one 40-minute group lesson, and one 40-minute practice lesson, all for $20 per person.

"Dancing is one of the few interactive things a couple can do together where they need to work together to succeed," said Studio Manager Andrea Mirenda. With group lessons scheduled throughout the week, teaching a variety of steps for all levels of dance, Fred Astaire offers a unique way to spice up a group date.

"Plus," Mirenda added, "over the years we have been directly or indirectly responsible for perhaps a couple dozen marriages and several children by now -- people who met and married through dancing."

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