Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Dance For Hope

From the Greensboro, NC

This is one for the “Do what you can do, by doing what you do” files:
Olga Perkins and her 15-year-old daughter Tyler were riding in their car, discussing that it was really cold outside and how thankful they were that they had a warm home and how hard it would be if they were homeless.

That prompted Perkins to wonder whether people might be willing to pay to watch a local “Dancing with the Stars” type program, provided by Greensboro North Fred Astaire Dance Studio, where her daughters dance, with proceeds going to the Greensboro Urban Ministry.

“My daughter then mentioned the fact that maybe someone would be willing to donate a room where we could have the event and that kind of got the whole thing started,” Perkins wrote in an e-mail. “I then went to the studio and explained to them what we wanted to do and asked them if they would donate their time, which they agreed to do. I called around to see where we could hold the event and the Regency Room agreed to give us a reduced price and so we decided to go for it.”

“A Dance for Hope” was born. The show will be 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Jan. 24 at the Regency Room, 203 S. Elm St. Tickets, available beginning Friday, are $25, and if the event sells out, more than $7,500 will be raised for the work at Urban Ministry, which provides food and shelter for the needy.
Local stars include Sasha Tsyhankov, Alyosha Anatoliy, Gulya Asgarova, Gregory Mishura, Dasha Chub, Oksana Barantsova, Artur Sveshnikov and Nathan Foreman.

Tickets are tax-deductible and are available at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, 1604-A Battleground Ave., or the Greensboro Urban Ministry business office, 305 W. Lee St. Call Urban Ministry, 271-5959. For a dance preview, go to

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