Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fred Astaire Chicago North Celebrates First Year Anniversary!

By Elle Cardona
Fred Astaire Chicago North, operated by Jesse DeSoto and Jackie Josephs, has just completed its first year and is heading full force into 2007. Their first Fred Astaire event of this year is their annual regional competition, DanceSport Classic, being held on March 18th. Their staff, including Aaron DeSoto, Jackson Burrus, Chris Germain, Rouslan Maksyutov, Ned Pucci, Simona Polmova, Jaana Lellemagi, Brittney Bartler, Jacque Lebbin, and Elle Cardona, have really come together as a team and enrolled over 40 students totaling almost 800 entries!

All of the students participating are enrolled on the Bronze Program! The majority of competitors have been at the studio for less than a year and are so consumed by their new hobby that they have chosen to enjoy the day and participate in the competition portion as well.

This brand new studio is experiencing one of the most thrilling moments in its history! Lessons start each day at 11:00 a.m. and go way into the late hours of the night where there are dancers zooming by and twirling across the floor. You can’t help but smile as you watch these students accomplish their goals and live out their dreams.

The Chicago region is anticipating one of the most exciting competitions of the year. Along with the amazing representation from the Chicago North Studio and the other 4 studios, they will also be housing a spectacular show. They are thrilled to announce that Maxim Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoryuchenko, the World-renowned Latin and Showdance Champions, are joining them on March 18th and bringing an unforgettable memory with their performance! They are certain that this day will catapult their young school into an outstanding competitive season, including such great events as CCDC in Las Vegas and, of course, AAC, held in the beautiful city of Chicago. They can’t wait to have their Fred Astaire family from around the nation join them in their hometown in July, and share the excitement that they are already experiencing.

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