Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Students in Arkansas Name Their Baby After Fred Astaire

Where does the story begin? Moses and Armandina Castillo were first set up on a blind date, a year later March 3, 1997 they were married. Being a military couple, they have traveled to many places such as Fort Dix, NJ, Guam, Hawaii, Australia, Fort McCoy, WI, and currently are residing in North Little Rock, AR.

After the first three years of marriage, the Castillo’s decided it was time to build a family by having a baby. As it turns out after seven years of trying and no baby, they decided to try medical science to help matters along, and this too failed.

Considering the many unsuccessful attempts, of trying to have a baby they decided to stop and concentrate on their very busy lives. Both are currently in school, and with full-time jobs, Moses in the U.S. Army and Armandina works for a major hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Anyway as it, turns out the Castillo’s were walking past the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and they pondered the idea of taking dance lessons. Of course watching “Dancing with the Stars” the previous year made it seem like an enjoyable event to attempt. As an anniversary gift, Moses signed them up for dance lessons in March 2006. In April after a Saturday dance lesson, Armandina felt queasy. This feeling went on for several days, with her husband kept telling her to take Pepto Bismal and she was still feeling sick. Finally, Moses suggested that she should take a pregnancy test. To their amazement, it would show a positive for pregnancy. Not believing it, they took another pregnancy test the next morning and again it was positive. Still not believing the results, an appointment was made with the doctor he ordered laboratory testing, and they too came back positive for “PREGNANCY.” Both Moses and Armandina could not believe it but they were finally pregnant. They sat and thought what was different this time, for the past seven years they tried and nothing worked. The Castillo’s concluded it was the dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, which relaxed them and got them in harmony with each other.

Therefore, when the time came to decide on what to name the baby, they decided if it were a girl, they would use the “Astaire” name for a middle name. On December 26, 2006, “Izabella Astaire Castillo” was born at 8 lbs 9 oz., and 21 inches.

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