Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fred Astaire Dance Studios On the Web

If you're looking for other dance blogs to read please check out some of the ones our dance studios have set up.

South Windsor, CT Dance Studio - The blog for our South Windsor Fred Astaire dance studio.

Sugarland, Texas Dance Studio - The blog for our Sugarland Fred Astaire dance studio.

The Woodlands, Texas Dance Studio - The blog for our Woodlands Fred Astaire dance studio.

Columbus Northwest, Ohio Dance Studio - The blog for our Columbus Northwest Fred Astaire dance studio.

Many of our dance studios also have Myspace pages.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Myspace Page

Fred Astaire South Windsor Myspace Page

Fred Astaire St. Petersburg Myspace Page

Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest Myspace Page

Fred Astaire Canal Winchester Myspace Page

Fred Astaire Memphis Myspace Page

And many more coming soon!

If you're looking for Fred Astaire dance merchandise, do not forget to visit our brand new dance store. We have many different products, including men's dance shoes, women's dance shoes, and Fred Astaire logowear.

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